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Octopus Arms (Euphorbia ellenbeckii) - Avalon - Plants, Gifts & Antiques

Octopus Arms (Euphorbia ellenbeckii)

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Euphorbia bisellenbeckii is a low-growing, shrub like succulent with fleshy, 'serpent like' stems that grow from a central base. The stems are thin, light green, fleshy, columnar or creeping, up to 1.5 m long and up to 1.5 cm in diameter. The leaves are green, weakly attached to the branch tips and up to 1 cm long.

Flowers are yellow-green, 1.5 cm in diameter appearing in summer. Euphorbia succulent varieties are easy to grow and are suited to any well drained soil in full sun. They grow well when there is a layer of brick and charcoal pieces, on top of which sandy loam soil is spread. They need little maintenance. Young plants are happy growing indoors.


Care: bright and strong sunlight. Water infrequently (about every two weeks). Warm indoor temperature.