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Large Adenium Obesum (Baobab)

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Approximately 50 cm.

A really unique houseplant - Adenium Obesum (Baobab)/desert rose. This adorable miniature tree will make your room look lively! 🌱
 Just coming out of its period of dormancy, and starting grow leaves. It can potentially provide pink flowers soon as well. 
In the wild they are fascinating and gigantic with pink flowers. Growing in the desert, they are able to store all the water in their body and survive the extreme dry temperatures.

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Now you are able to have the miniature version of this plant in the picture below right in your living room!


Photo below are taken in our shop while they are flowering:

Care: growing from the desert regions, they like to be in a relatively dry environment. Water it about once every two weeks will be sufficient. It will prefer strong, bright sunlight.


The pictures below are from the internet, showing how they would look in the wild: 
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