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Jewel Orchid (Macodes) Terrarium

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*Possible to be shipped by post, or locally delivered in Amsterdam. 

Which plant glows under the sunlight? Jewel Orchid (Macodes) is a rare houseplant with gold-colored veins in the shape of lightening. With the glass ecosystem, this wonderful plant will hardly require any care. 

As one of the best sellers in our store, the jewel orchid terrarium is a popular gift for someone special. Its extraordinary, shiny leaves set it apart from other house plants. Even for people who do not have much knowledge about plants, this is a wonderful gift since hardly any care is required. 

Care: watering you terrarium about once a month will be sufficient. Give the plant indirect sunlight, since direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the jewel orchid.


If the plant is shipped by post, the plant will be packaged separately from the terrarium. You only need to perform a simple step of placing the plant inside. A detailed instruction will be included in the package.