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Ficus Ginseng with a Ceramic Pot - Avalon - Gifts, Antiques & Plants

Ficus Ginseng with a Ceramic Pot

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Description: Ginseng ficus (Ficus retusa) is one variety of this large group of fig trees. Native to Southeast Asia, the ginseng ficus is also called banyan fig, Taiwan ficus, and laurel fig. It is most striking in appearance because it grows thick roots that stay exposed above the surface of the ground. As a bonsai, the effect is of a small tree standing on legs.
Height: approximately 28cm.
Care guide:

Sunlight: Four to six hours of sunlight per day should suffice. The more sunlight the better it is for the plants.

Water: Aim to keep soil moderately moist throughout the summer and back off a little in the winter. Water it about once every five days or more frequently if the soil is dry.